Wallet Little Mynta ebook pattern and sewing instructions

English Little Mynta – Out Now!

Many of you have been waiting longingly for the little sister of the Mynta wallet since it was released. Today it is finally time! ❤️  The English Little Mynta ebook is now available in the store.

Geldbörse Little Mynta Kirschblüten auf Mint Hansedelli

It measures approx. 10cm x 16cm and is a zip-around wallet just like its big sister. You will see many parallels between the two sisters, but also some differences (inside) due to the smaller size.

Geldbörse Little Mynta und Mynta Vergleich
Geldbörse Little Mynta und Mynta Vergleich Cotton & Steel Wale Canvas nähen
Little Mynta und Mynta im Vergleich Größe Geldbörse nähen
Little Mynta + Mynta Geldbörse nähen Hansedelli

Inner details of the wallet

It offers space for up to 11 cards, which can be inserted upright into the card slots. Thus some card trays can be doubled. The banknotes (up to approx. 15.5cm width) fit unfolded into the designated banknote compartment. The large coin compartment inside has been retained, because it is simply so mega practical, right ? But you can also replace it with another, simple divider and store the coins on the outside in the zipper pocket.

Geldbörse Little Mynta innen Aufteilung Details mint gelb Hansedelli
Little Mynta Innenansicht Fächer Geldbörse nähen Hansedelli

Little Mynta can also be sewn as a small, universal purse. Just leave out all the compartments and the accordion gussets and you have a pretty, quickly sewn bag.

In further pattern testing, great uses have arisen, e.g. for the external hard drive, for a shopping bag, for passports, and much more. Have a look into the Little Mynta LookBook for more examples.

Little Mynta wallet + fanny pack Rikka = Dream Team

The Little Mynta fits nicely into the Rikka fanny pack (PS: But also the big wallet fits into the fanny pack – but here it gets a little tight).

And now I wish you lots of fun with English „Little Mynta“ ❤️

Little Mynta und Bauchtasche Rikka im Set nähen Hansedelli
Little Mynta + Rikka Bauchtasche und Portemonnaie nähen Hansedelli
Little Mynta + Rikka Schnittmuster

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