How to order the English pattern

Since there is always the question how to buy the English version of the VARA-Ebook, I thought about writing a short article about it 🙂 It’s very simple and you just have to follow the instructions.

On the page “Pattern” you can find the ebook of the English VARA. Click on the picture. Make sure that you have really chosen the English version.

You will now get to the page of the article description of the pattern. There you can read again, what the pattern is about and find informations about fabrics, measures and so on.
You just push the Button “in den Warenkorb”, which means add to shoppingcart.

Than you go to “Warenkorb” (Button right upper corner). There you can see whats in your shoppingcart.
Choose “Weiter zur Kasse”, which means continue to checkout.

There you have to fill out with your information (see picture below) and choose how to pay (PayPal may be the best option). Than push the button “Weiter”.

Than you will see your order and information again, and if everything is alright, check the two boxes underneath (that’s just for accepting terms and conditions and digital products terms) and than push the button “Zahlungspflichtig bestellen”.
PayPal will open now and you can make the payment.

That’s it! The files will be send to your given email-adress.
Please note, since you are ordering on a German website, the email confirmation will also be in German! But the pattern-files are in English.
Now you only have to download the files listed under “Download”.

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